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Submissions Update

Hello everyone! A quick note for our authors. We’re now caught up on most stories submitted before May 1st. (I have a few re-submits which require further reading.) As always, if you haven’t heard from me regarding a story submitted in this window, please drop me a line.

Due to vacation schedules, our next response round will be near the end of July. Please continue to submit stories during the lull, I look forward to reading them when I get back!

Metacast 2: State of the Union 2013

Show Notes

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at

Hello everyone! This is your editor, Marguerite Kenner.

Every year, one of my favorite game companies publishes a Stakeholders Report. As Steve puts it, while the company only has one shareholder, lots of people have a stake in its success and so he writes them an annual report about how well the company has done, what projects it tackled, and its plans for the future.

But we’re a podcast. Rather than writing you a long blog post, I’m taking a tradition from my American homeland. Welcome to Cast of Wonders’ first State of the Union address for 2013.