Our Staff

Katherine Inskip – Editor
Katherine Inskip

Katherine teaches astrophysics for a living and spends her (infrequent) spare time populating the universe with worlds of her own. She is a mother to two boys, and enjoys chaos, water-fights, tree-climbing, and thwarting plans for world domination.  Katherine is addicted to chocolate and Japanese logic puzzles, narrates for a variety of podcasts, and wishes she’d started slush reading decades ago.  You can read her stories here at Cast of Wonders, and also at the Dunesteef and Luna Station Quarterly (though you might need a functional time machine for some). Follow her on Twitter.

Andrew K. Hoe – Assistant Editor

Andrew teaches and practices Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Southern California, where he also writes speculative YA fiction. He has been a high school English teacher, an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan, and a college professor. His academic work in children’s literature can be found in The Looking Glass. Follow him on Twitter.


Karissa Sluss – Assistant Editor

Karissa lives  in North Carolina with her family and a hairy husky named Bonnie. Her favorite things super heroes, Star Wars, Southern cuisine, and Hindi Cinema. By day she wrangles cases and hearing schedules for a small administrative court. At night, after cooking dinner, checking homework, and walking the dog, she writes and reads as much as possible. You can find out more about her writing online at karissalaurel.com, and she loves making friends on Twitter .

Jeremy Carter – Audio Producer
Jeremy Carter

Jeremy has produced audio for the Dunesteef Audio Fiction magazine, Far Fetched Fables, the Journey Into podcast and StarshipSofa in addition to Cast of Wonders. By day, he teaches physics and maths in the beautiful Peak District. He is a husband, father, photographer, cook and very occasional runner. Follow him on Twitter.

Alexis Goble – Graphic Designer

Alexis is a fun-size jeweler and engraver in the Song of the Vine, Queen of the West, on the banks of the Beautiful River (Cincinnati for laymen.) She spends her free time reading All The Things, baking, obsessively cleaning, and working on an endless cycle of crafts. Follow her on Twitter.

Denise Sudell  – Community Manager

Denise Sudell is a queer lawyer and recovering journalist who has been genre-adjacent since approximately age six, when she started reading DC Comics.  She has written and edited for such publications as the Philadelphia Gay News, Gay Community News, and Sequential Tart, among others.  She earns a paycheck as a senior policy advisor for a US government civil rights agency.  She lives and quarantines in the Washington, DC, area with one housemate and the requisite two cats.

Amy Brennan – Editorial Assistant & Associate Editor

Amy is  a huge fan of all manner of fiction and non fiction writing, music, art, basically anything even mildly creative. A geologist by training, holding a masters in Geoscience from Keele Unversity she used to make mud pies for a living. It is a job that is both enjoyably challenging and at times mind-numbingly repetitive. She devoured audiobooks at a rate of knots to get her through the day – until she discovered podcasts and hasn’t looked back since.  She lives in Cambridgeshire with her partner, and three floofs of the cat and rabbit type. She occasionally blogs, and you can follow her on Twitter.

Alicia Caporaso – Associate Editor

Alicia is a marine archaeologist in New Orleans. Though she does not get to leave her desk too often, her technical specialty is using robots to investigate and study shipwrecks and other mysterious things in the deep sea. Most of her published writing is nonfiction, about North American archaeology and history, though her number of speculative fiction stories is slowly increasing. She lives with two little monsters who regularly take dog form and usually can be found, like most monsters, under her bed.

Shawn Proctor – Associate Editor

Shawn Proctor is a speculative fiction writer who earned his bachelors from Kutztown University and MFA from Rosemont College. He works and lives near Philadelphia with his wife, Hope, and dynamic duos of kids and cats. He is a member of Codex writers group and Critters, and adores weird pajamas. His fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Galaxy’s Edge, Flash Fiction Online, Daily Science Fiction, and Crab Orchard Review. Read more of his work at shawnproctor.com and follow him on Twitter.

Rey O – Associate Editor

Rey works as an English teacher. She is recovering from gaslighting and C-PTSD, and is basically trying to learn how to be nice to herself full time. Her favorite indulgences are squeeing over cars and comics, collecting toys and second hand books, writing, learning languages, doing puzzles, and enjoying stand-up comedy. SFF and fairy tales are her favorite flavors. Follow her on Twitter.

Emma Smailes – Associate Editor

Emma hails from the banks of the not so coaley Tyne, which she loves as only a native Geordie Lass can. She enjoys fiction of almost all types, plotting, though never acting, to take over the world, and having sparkly fingernails. She does not have a cat, but does have a tiny cuddly toy hedgehog called Optic, who goes everywhere with her.