Content Warnings

To help listeners make informed decisions about their listening choices, Cast of Wonders includes content warnings on episodes which contain subjects or content which might disturb. And although our episodes are designed for the commute, we realize there may also be times when younger listeners are in the car.

Content warnings are listed both on the website, and read before a story containing potentially disturbing content.

This list was created with our younger listening audience in mind, and therefore includes many items (such as drug use, common phobias and the death of pets) which might not appear at other publications. Many of the entries you would expect to find in a traditional content warning list, such as graphic violence or explicit sexual content, are absent because we do not publish stories which contain those elements.

Content Warnings

  • Profanity
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide
  • Grief / the death of family
  • Drug use
  • Phobias (snakes, spiders, etc.)
  • The death of pets

In addition, because many of our listeners are in their cars while listening, we will include content warnings for traffic-related sound effects like sirens, honking, screeching breaks, etc.