Ten Years of Wonder – II

Over the last few days, our twitter account has been highlighting some of our favourite stories from the last ten years. If you’ve not read/listened back that far, they’re all well worth your time!

Year 1

Cast of Wonders’ very first story is A Suitable Pet , by Abigail Hilton, narrated by Summer Brooks. This tale of princesses, knights, and dragons is really all about cages. Some are more comfortable than others, but all kinds hold us back from our potential.

For each year, we’re also highlighting an editor’s choice story. From year one, To Be True (part 1) (part 2), by Jess Hyslop, narrated by Graeme Dunlop. Karima, the young protagonist of this story, learns some hard truths about her world but finds the courage inside herself to take a stand against corruption and dishonour.

Year 2

Our second pair of stories is Lizzy Viscera and the Quest for the Perfect Sandwich by Spencer Koelle, narrated by Dani Daly. And, A Song for the Season by Eliza Hirsch, narrated by Kate Baker.

Lizzy’s quest is stymied by circumstance again, and again, but this girl isn’t giving up, no matter what stands in her way.

A Song for the Season is a hauntingly beautiful story of magic, and forbidden love. Charlotte and Lily know that change is coming for them both, but it won’t be the change that either of them expect…

Year 3

For the third year of Cast of Wonders, we’re starting with: The Drove of Maris-Charlottes by David Turnbull, narrated by Stephanie Malia Morris. A story about herds of sentient vegetables – and the trials of herding them – isn’t something I ever expected to come across. Within the sheer weirdness of this piece is a touching story of new-found maturity and friendship in the face of adversity and failure.

Captain Cleveland Grackle’s Galactic Cabaret vs. The Goblins of Vishnu 6, by Jamieson Ridenhur, narrated by Norm Sherman, is our third editor’s pick.  Aliens! Musicians! Random Goblin attacks! This story packs in so much wonder and fun, it will leave you dizzy and breathless for more!

Year 4

Year 4’s stories are all about space voyages. Our back catalog story is The Middle Rages by Joseph L. Kellogg, narrated by John Cmar – a tale of a generation starship in the middle of a long voyage, and a group of teens with little to look forward to who are nonetheless determined to make their mark on history.

The second story selected from year 4 is The Tale of the White Tiger by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, narrated by Tracey Yuen. Piracy, murder and the quest for justice are interleaved with scenes of a simple blind storyteller, whose stories might just be more true than his audience realises… if they prove worthy.

Year 5

Our first story for year 5 is A Troll’s Trade by Xander Odell, narrated by Wilson Fowlie. Every troll yearns for a bridge to call their own, but competition is fierce, and sometimes you have to make do with lurking under a porch. What’s a troll to do? This one finds a most entrepreneurial solution…

Year 5’s editor’s pick is Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class. Sometimes, the universe sets us seemingly insurmountable challenges. Aliens placing the fate of humanity on your shoulders? That can’t be worse than teaching a class of novice ballerinas, right? Unless they’re one and the same…


We’ll be back soon with more stories in the spotlight!