Cast of Wonders 44: Lizzy Viscera and the Quest for the Perfect Sandwich

Show Notes

Today we present Lizzy Viscera and the Quest for the Perfect Sandwich by Spencer Koelle. Spencer tell us, “This is the first story I wrote at Susquehanna University. I’d transferred into the college as a creative writing major, and when I found out I hadn’t been registered for any creative writing classes, I pledged to make up for that deficit by writing at least two new short stories that term.

You can find out more about Spencer here.

Your narrator is is our own regular reader, Danielle Daly. Welcome back Dani!

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at

About the Author

Spencer Koelle

Spencer Koelle currently earns funds for applejack, audiobooks, veggie burgers, and sometimes even rent, by working for a philanthropic consulting firm during the hours of day. He has BA in Creative Writing Major (Women’s Studies Minor) from Susquehanna University. He works with a variety of speculative fiction and enjoys referring to himself in the third person. He is a third-wave feminist and wishes more young men would give feminism a try. (Hint: it’s not about taking away men’s rights).

The author Spencer Koelle admires most is Garth Nix.

Favorite Words:
– Autodefenstrate
– Multifarious
– Ectoplasmic
– Heterocurious
– Tentacular
– Visceral


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About the Narrator

Dani Daly

Dani Daly is a former assistant editor of Cast of Wonders, and narrating stories is just one of the things she loves to do. She’s a retired roller derby player and current small batch soap maker, for instance. Soaps and balms from StoryTime Soap Company are crafted while listening to audio fiction of all sorts. She rants on twitter as @danooli_dani, if that’s your thing. Or you can visit the EA forums, where she moderates the Cast of Wonders boards.

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