Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching – Chapter 14

By Chris Lewis Carter

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Merry Christmas, campers, and welcome back! Ready for chapter 14?

Last week Althea the Sphinx posed a riddle our campers couldn’t refuse, and only Felix’s quick thinking saved them from being sphinx food. But what was that Althea said about Moxie?

Listen close campers, where were we. Ah yes…

This week’s camper spotlight is on Pointa and Kuru, and their Legendary Love.

Felix says “For a Centaur, there is no greater show of trust and respect than to allow a two-legger on his back. I guess Pointa must be head-over-hooves in love with his girlfriend, Kuru the Kitsune, because they’re practically inseparable from each other. He even asked me to draw a picture of him doing something nice for her, so he could give it to her as a present. That’s, like, two layers of niceness!”

Pointa and Kuru were invented by Ahmed Al Mutawa & Kholoud Al Zaabi. You can find their picture on the Camp Myth webpage.

Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching is a Cast of Wonders production brought to you by Wolfsbane Publishing. It features the voice talents of Kate Baker, Adam Black, Tina Connolly, Graeme Dunlop, Christiana Ellis, Marguerite Kenner, Alethea Kontis, Alasdair Stuart, Ian Stuart, and Barry J. Northern. You can learn more about the world of Camp Myth at our website,

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