Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching – Chapter 10

By Chris Lewis Carter

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Welcome back, campers! Ready for Chapter 10?

Argee and Moxie have returned! And Lil has told Felix all about collecting merit badges. But before out trio could plan their next adventure, the opening ceremony began.

Everyone quiet down, let’s listen to the presentation! Where were we? Ah yes…

This week’s camper spotlight is Plato, the Four Legged Idol.

Felix says “Plato is the kind of Centaur who makes me ashamed to be a two-legger. He’s a great athlete, loves to read, and has more fans around camp than some of the actual fan clubs. He’d be easy to hate – if he wasn’t so darn nice! I wonder if he wants to hang out later…”

Plato was invented by Riley Krill. You can find the picture of him on the Camp Myth webpage.

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