Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching – Chapter 4

By Chris Lewis Carter

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Welcome back, campers! Ready for Chapter 4?

Last week we learned Felix is a fae, and we met both Argee the Cyclops and Lil the Dryad. And did Lil just say flight? I hope Felix and Argee aren’t afraid of heights!

Let’s find out what happens next! Now listen close campers, where were we. Ah yes…

This week’s camper spotlight is Sebastian, the first class golem crafter.

Felix says “Fae aren’t known for their creativity, but Sebastian is able to build Golems that are incredible works of art. For some reason, though, he keeps calling them “Marionettes.” When I asked if he could teach me his secret, he told me to look up some school named “Vermilion Academy.” I’ll have to check it out!”

Sebastian was created Studio Kontrabida. You can find the picture of him on the Camp Myth webpage.

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