Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching – Chapter 3

By Chris Lewis Carter

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Welcome back, campers! Ready for Chapter 3?

Last week Felix checked in for his journey to summer camp. We saw more of the creatures Felix shares his world with, and we learned about all the types of supernatural contraband the camp keeps an eye out for. I wonder what golem scrolls do…

Now listen close campers, where were we. Ah yes…

This week’s camper spotlight is Amelia, the Aquatic Animal Admirer.

Felix says “Sirens are known to form lifelong bonds with sea creatures, which explains why Amelia found it so hard to leave her pet Tiger-Dolphins, Umbra and Penumbra, back home for the summer. I drew this picture to help make her feel better. Also, to learn more about Tiger-Dolphins. Turns out, it’s a Siren thing. Figures.”

Amelia was created by Dwayne Hart. You can find the picture of her on the Camp Myth webpage.

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