Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching – Chapter 2

By Chris Lewis Carter

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Welcome back, campers! Ready for Chapter 2?

Last week you met Felix, the protagonist of our story. Felix is obsessed with the human world, and he offered to tell you this story in exchange for learning more about human history. Did you take him up on it? Let’s see what Felix has to tell us this week.

Now listen close campers, where were we. Ah yes…

This week’s camper spotlight is Zerra, the Solitary Shifter.

Felix says “Kitsune tend to be loners by nature, but Zerra takes having personal space to the next level. I managed to stumble upon her hideout in the Forgotten Forest, and it’s actually nicer than a lot of the cabins! The best part, though, is her Roc feather hammock. Wish I’d thought of doing that.”

Zerra was invented by Magentawolf. You can find the picture of her on the Camp Myth webpage.

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