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Cast of Wonders 309: The Moon, the Sun and the Truth

Show Notes

From the author: In January 2017, Dan Rather “tipped his journalist Stetson” to Anderson Cooper. I had a brief fangirl moment in which I imagined them meeting on some desolate hill and nodding stoically at each other. And then I just kept asking myself questions about what that world would look like. Eventually, I found this story, in a very different time and place than its inspiration, with different faces that echoed very similar fears.

The Moon, the Sun, and the Truth

by Victoria Sandbrook

Dust rising over the next scrub-covered hill gave away the rider’s position even before the incoming trash-guzzler’s growl settled around Andy’s ears. She waited as patiently as you could on a jittery horse that didn’t know you well, in sun that’d singe any hint of bare skin.

They’d been waiting an hour. Time enough in the desert to dream up how many ways this data drop could go. Could be this rider had the data chip and she’d be drowning her sorrows at the tavern by sunset. Could be he was a Directorship plant and there would be a gun for her.

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Cast of Wonders 161: The Rum Cake Runner by Jessi Cole Jackson

The Rum Cake Runner

by Jessi Cole Jackson

Sitting on the threadbare sagging couch cushion, Nesi tied her Sneaks’ laces tight, double knotting the loops. The apartment was warm, as it always was, and smelled sweet, as it always did.

“And pick up those vanilla beans before making your rounds. It’s important.” Uncle Toni said. Her head whipped up.

“No way! I’d have to go to the market with a full load.”

He just shrugged. “If you go after your deliveries again today, Rohit will have closed up shop again and we need it for tonight. No arguments.”

“The mutts’ll sniff me out for sure! I’ll be a wafting target.” Nesi said.

Nonna chuckled from her old wooden rocker in the corner. “She’s just like you, Antonio. She doesn’t understand how to not argue.” She rocked and knit, her work already done for the day despite the early hour. They could bake the sweets Nesi was responsible for delivering anytime, but the bread making – the smaller, but only legitimate aspect of the De Luca family business – had to be done at night so it was fresh each morning.

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