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Cast of Wonders 6: A Proof of Unicorns

Today we present A Proof of Unicorns by Elizabeth Creith. She is an award-winning writer living and working in rural Northern Ontario with her husband, dog and cat. She’s been published since around 1990 and her work has appeared in many places including Murky Depths, Misfit Magazine, Enchanted Conversation and Brain Harvest. For more information swing by her site, Elizabeth Creith’s Scriptorium.

Your narrator is Danielle Daly. Danielle — Dani for short — is a 30-something woman from Long Island, NY, living with a patient husband and two cats, who works for the man during the day and escapes from reality at night. She has no blog, and she hasn’t written a novel, but she loves reading what other people write.

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at