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EA Metacast: 2016 Award-Eligible Stories

Hello everyone! Award nomination season is upon us. If you’re eligible to nominate your favorite short stories of 2016 for the Nebula, the Hugo, and other awards, we humbly submit the following list of Cast of Wonders short story original publications for your consideration:

2016 Original Publications:

  • Episodes 197 and 198 The Authorized Biography by Michael G. Ryan
  • Episode 199 Leapling by Nicole Feldringer
  • Episode  203 The Universe Dress by Laura-Marie Steele
  • Episode 207 Millions Times Eight by Jake Walters
  • Episode 210  When the Planets Left by J. J. Litke
  • Episode 214 The Price of Stories by Shannon Connor Winward
  • Episode 215 Problematic by Brian Lawrence Hurrel
  • Episode 216  This Story Begins With You by Rachael K. Jones
  • Episode 217 Boys’ Night by Rebecca Birch
  • Episode 218 Saurs by Craig DeLancey
  • Episode 220 Raptor Boy by Elise Forier Edie
  • Episode 221 The Jungle Between by Holly Schofield
  • Episode 223 The Oulough by Francesca Forrest
  • Episode 224 Welcome to Willoughby’s by Michael Reid
  • Episode 225 The Four Stewpots by DK Thompson
  • Episode 225 Her Path Lay Forward by Shane Halbach

2016 Reprints:

Thank you for your consideration!