Cast of Wonders 1: A Suitable Pet

Today we present A Suitable Pet by Abigail Hilton. Abigail is a nurse anesthetist and writer who lives in Florida. Her works are primarily set in the world of Panamindorah and are available as free audio downloads or as eBooks from Amazon, B&N and the like. You can listen to her trilogy, The Prophet of Panamindorah, for free.

It’s narrated by Summer Brooks. Summer Brooks is a story addict who watches too much television, and she enjoys putting her encyclopedic sci-fi geek knowledge to the test in discussions about sci-fi, horror, and comics. She has been doing just that on Slice of SciFi since 2005, as co-host, producer, host and EIC, and as co-host and producer for The Babylon Podcast.

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at