September News

Submissions schedule for 2022/2023

We’ve just updated our submissions schedule for the remainder of the year and the first half of 2023. More opportunities may be announced in due course, and all dates are subject to potential change.

Flash Fiction Contest

The portal for flash fiction contest entries has now closed, and the team will be announcing the schedule for the contest groups soon! If you don’t already have an account on the EA forum (where the stories will be posted), now’s a great time to grab one!

Production Delays

Some stories take a while to find the right voice, but we hope you’re happy with what they bring to our episodes. We’ve got a flood of new pieces just around the corner, in the run-up to Banned Books Week. Expect the next episode to drop next weekend, with several more hot on its heels.

Banned Books Week

We are SO excited about our stories for Banned Books Week this year. Watch this space at the end of the month…