For Your Consideration 2020: original stories from Cast of Wonders in 2019

It’s that time of year again, so here are all the award eligible original stories that Cast of Wonders published in 2019.  All 34 of them!  You can hear more about which ones meant the most to the team as part of our Staff Picks episodes throughout January (and there were some rather rambunctious back-stage fights over who would get to pick some of them… oh, the drama!)

We’d also love to know which episode you’d pick as your favourite. Add your thoughts via the google form here (last year’s audience choice for 2018 was Ava Paints the Horses):

The Pseudopod team have also collected a set of links to fan-built lists of award-eligible stories and publications in various categories. Here they are again, if you didn’t fancy creeping past the tentacled horrors in the basement…

A quick reminder: All four EA shows – Cast of Wonders, PodCastle, Pseudopod,  and Escape Pod – are eligible in the SEMIPROZINE Hugo category.  Cast of Wonders made it to the long list last year – can we show our sister ‘casts that we’re ready to join them on a shortlist?

If you want to nominate the Cast of Wonders 2019 editorial team, Marguerite Kenner and Katherine Inskip would be thrilled to bits with your vote. And, Amy Brennan and Karissa Sluss are ALSO eligible as a separate nomination for their work on Artemis Rising 5, as is Julia Rios, our guest editor for Banned Books Week 2019  We’re ever so proud of all the hard work the whole team has put in this year. We’re also excessively proud of our good friend Alasdair Stuart, who is eligible again for Best Fan Writer. Read what the Hugo Award Book Club has to say on that score here: