Cast of Wonders 26: Fearing The Invasion (Part 2)

Show Notes

Today we present Part 2 of Fearing The Invasion by Eric Del Carlo.

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at

About the Author

Eric Del Carlo

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Eric Del Carlo lives in California, has been writing since his early twenties. He knew the late Robert Aspirin well and collaborated with him on two novels. His work has appeared in many publications including Asimov’s, Sybil’s Garage, Necrotic Tissue and Everyday Fiction, amongst many, many others. You can find several of his books on Amazon and you can find out more about Eric himself here.

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About the Narrator

Marguerite Kenner

Marguerite is a native Californian who has forsaken sunny paradise to live with her true love in Merrye Olde England. She frequently wears so many hats that she needs two heads. When she’s not grappling with legal conundrums as a commercial solicitor, editing Cast of Wonders, or helping behind the scenes as COO of Escape Artists, she can be found narrating audio fiction, studying popular culture (i.e. going to movies and playing video games) with her partner Alasdair Stuart, or curling up with a really good book. You can follow her adventures on Twitter.

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