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Cast of Wonders 267: Banned Books Week – For

Show Notes

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by Sandra M. Odell


Maggie Alvarez leaned against the counter of the dry goods store to get a better look inside John’s satchel.  Was that a book beneath the flap?  Had to be.  Dingy white cover, faded black letters along the cracked spine.  All her life she’d watched Lessonkeepers hurl books on the bonfires at purity rallies.  Books were illegal, filled with the lies that caused the crumble of the old world.

Her heart sank, then bounced back twice as high.  A real book!

She eased her weight off her knotted left foot, and shifted hold on her crutch.  “So, John, you planning on settling here for a time?”

He leaned against the other side of the wooden counter.  “Nah.  Pretty soon I’ll head east to the Missip river and winter over in Nuloreans.”

Maggie didn’t catch her disappointment in time to keep it from her face, and John was quick to add, “I’ll be here for a time yet.  People always need their knives sharpened.”

“Of course,” Maggie said, and smiled to hide her relief.  “And you’ll be needing supplies.”

Pink touched John’s tanned cheeks and he picked at the edge of the counter top.  “Of course.”

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Episode 130: The Phobos Monolith by Preston Dennett

Narrated by Heather Amy Robinson

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

This week we present The Phobos Monolith, by Preston Dennett.

Preston has worked as a carpet cleaner, fast-food worker, data entry clerk, bookkeeper, landscaper, singer, actor, writer, radio host, television consultant, teacher, UFO researcher, ghost hunter and more. But his true love has always been speculative fiction and he’s decided to see if he could make his dream of becoming an SF writer come true. The result has been a string of sales with stories appearing or forthcoming in lots of places, including Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Perihelion, Black Treacle and several other venues. He has also earned eight honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest. He currently resides in Reseda, California where he spends his days looking for new ways to pay his bills and his nights exploring the farthest edges of the universe.

Preston has several stories about to be published in different magazines, and a pair of books about UFOs forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing. You can learn more about his work at his website.

Your narrator is Amy Robinson. Amy is a voiceover actress and character talent, who has recently read several excellent stories for EscapePod, including Black Swan Oracle, Immersion, and The Heart of the Machine. We’ve got her contact details for you, including Twitter and Facebook, as well.

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at

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