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Episode 210: Little Wonders 8 – Embracing Change

• Authors: Adam Gaylord and J. J. Litke
• Narrators: Dani Daly and Katherine Inskip
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
The There-It-Is Store originally appeared in T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Fiction Blog.
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Show Notes

Our first story is The There-It-Is Store by Adam Gaylord, originally published on T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Fiction Blog.

Adam lives with his wife and daughter in Loveland, Colorado where he’s rarely more than ten feet from either cake or craft beer. His recently released gladiatorial fantasy novel Sol of the Coliseum is all about hope (as in, he hopes you’ll read it). Follow him on Goodreads or his infrequently updated blog.

Your narrator for this story is Dani Daly, our newly minted assistant editor. Dani lives, works, dreams and plays on Long Island, New York with a husband and some cats. She is on Twitter often and updates her blog on very rare occassions when something extra special happens. All her links are available on our newly updated About Us page – check it out!

When the Planets Left by J. J. Litke is a Cast of Wonders original. J. J. lives in Austin, Texas, where she writes SFF and moonlights as a graphic design instructor. She can tell you more than you want to know about GREP styles and WordPress development. Her work has also appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Farstrider Magazine. You can find her at online and on Twitter.

The story is narrated for you by our slush wrangler and also new assistant editor, Katherine Inskip. Katherine teaches astrophysics for a living and spends her (infrequent) spare time populating the universe with worlds of her own, which you can read at her blog, Trisigmatic. She’s on Twitter as well.

The Little Wonders theme “Neversus” is by Alexye Nov, available at

Read along with the text of the stories:
The There-It-Is Store
When the Planets Left