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Closing For Submissions September 15th

Hello everyone!

I’m pleased to report Cast of Wonders has received a HUGE uptick in submissions since WorldCon! As we only have a few 2015 episode spaces left to fill, we’ll be closing to submissions as of September 15th to allow for timely processing of the current pile.

And stay tuned… we have a HUGE announcement coming shortly.

As always, thanks for listening!

2015 Parsec Finalists!

The 2015 Parsec finalists have been announced, and Cast of Wonders has again made a fine showing!

Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast

Cast of Wonders edited by Marguerite Kenner
Pseudopod edited by Shawn M. Garrett
Seminar: An Original Anthology Show edited by Pendant Productions
The Uncanny Magazine Podcast edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
The NoSleep Podcast edited by David Cummings

Note: Due to errors by the Parsec Committee, “Shimmer” by Amanda Ca. Davis is no longer a finalist in the Small Cast (Short Form) category.

Congratulations to all the finalists! It’s an amazing list this year, with lots of friends and colleagues from the podcasting community represented.

The winners will be announced September 5 at DragonCon.

2014 Parsec Award Nominations are Now Open!

Hello everyone!

The 2014 Parsec Awards nomination window is now open, and every one of the stories listed below is eligible for nomination in the Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form) category.

The nomination window is open until May 31st, 2015, so spread the word on whatever social media platforms you like. Cast of Wonders itself is eligible in the Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast category and we’d love your support.

Thank you all!



123: Taxidermy and Other Dangerous Professions by JR Johnson, read by M K Hobson

124: Old People Rules by Holly Schofield, read by Melissa Bugaj

125: The Clasp by Jarod Anderson, read by Elie Hirschman

126: The Perfect Prom by Kat Otis, read by Mur Lafferty

127: Learning the Game by Michael Haynes, read by M K Hobson

128: Robots Don’t Cry by George Edwards, read by Pete Milan

129: Into The Forever Place by Luke Thomas, read by Heather Welliver

130: The Phobos Monolith by Preston Dennett, read by Amy Robinson

131: Survivor by Josh Roseman, read by Marguerite Kenner

132: The Collector by Jameyanne Fuller, read by Alasdair Stuart

133: A Well-Lit Dungeon by Mark Mills, read by Adam Black

134/135: Flowers For the Dead by Jamie Mason, read by Paul Cram

136: Flotsam by Rebecca Schwarz, read by Jeff Hite

137: The Filigreed Cage by Krystal Claxton, read by Andrew Clarke

138: Things We Leave Behind by Alex Shvartsman, read by the author

139: Little Wonders 6: A Little Laughter. Continue? by James Vachowski, read by John Cmar; The Girl With The Picollo by Charity Tahmaseb, read by Fiona “Princess Scientist” Van Verth; Some Assembly Required by Terry L. Mirll, read by Dave Robison

140: Of Pumpkin Soup and Other Demons by Natalia Theodoridou, read by Katherine Inskip and The Ghost of Grammy Goneril by Austin H. Gilkeson, read by Christiniana Ellis

141: Reading Time by Beth Cato, read by Dave Thompson and A House In The Forest by Shawn Bailey, read by Lizzie S

142: Marrow by Mav Skye, read by Barry J. Northern

144: The Middle Rages by Joseph L. Kellogg, read by John Cmar

145: Tell Them Of The Sky by A. T. Greenblatt, read by Pete Newman

146/147: 30 Minutes for New Hell by Rick Kennett, read by Marguerite Kenner

148: Shimmer by Amanda Davis, read by Lizzie S

149: Bricks and Sunlight by M. K. Hutchins, read by Dani Daly

150: Little Wonders 7: The Season of Goodwill. Christmas Lights by Jamie Lackey, read by Marguerite Kenner and The Secret Ingredient Is by Emmalia Harrington, read by Anne Fortune

155: Aisha Bets Her Life on Magic by Jarod K. Anderson, read by Julia Rios

156/157: The Seal King by Jennifer Noelle Welch, read by Paul Cram

158: This Is Your Problem, Right Here by David Steffen, read by Graeme Dunlop

159: There Are No Marshmallows in Camelot by Christian McKay Heidicker, read by Marguerite Kenner

160: The Haunted Jalopy Races by Matthew Bennardo, read by Alasdair Stuart

161: The Rum Cake Runner by Jessi Cole Jackson, read by Michelle Ristuccia

162: Sister Winter by Jenni Moody, read by Melissa Bugaj

163: Speaking to Skull Kings by Emily Cataneo, read by Katherine Inskip and Jeremy Carter

164: Amicae Aeternum by Ellen Klages, read by Rikki LaCoste, Isis LaCoste and Fiona “Princess Scientist” Van Verth


Congratulations to Julia Rios, our narrator on Episode 155, Aisha Bets Her Life On Magic, for winning the 2015 Ditmar and Aurealis Awards for the excellent anthology Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories which is also on this year’s Tiptree Award Honor list.

And if you’re a fan of Podcastle’s very own Dave Thompson, his short story collection And Welcome Back is on Kickstarter now. His stretch goals including a chapbook and audio book collection of Easter Werewolf mad libs stories by such luminaries as Ann Leckie, Amal El-Mohtar, Rachael K. Jones, Nathaniel Lee, M.K. Hobson, Matt Wallace, Mur Lafferty, and more. You don’t want to miss it.


December Episode Schedule

It’s that time of year again, when those of us north of the equator struggle with short days, cold weather and a sharp increase in demands on our time.

To help ease us down into our annual January slumber, we’ll be on a reduced episode schedule this month. Join us this Sunday the 14th, and the final Sunday of the year December 28th, for our last episodes of 2014.

Thanks for listening!

Young Writer? This Prize Is For You!

IGGY & Litro have announced their annual contest for 13 – 18 year old writers , with a cash prize of £2000 for the winning entry. The theme of this year’s competition is Myths and Legends.

You can read all the entry details here.

Good luck!

Artemis Rising

Calling all female authors! Our good friends at Escape Artists (EscapePod, Podcastle and Pseudopod) are now open to submissions for their February 2015 month of celebrating women in genre fiction.

Submissions close December 20th. You can learn more about submission criteria and procedure on their websites.

Good luck, and say hello for us!

Submission Category Update

Hello everyone! A brief update about submissions. Responses are in progress and I’ll post here again when we’re caught up.

In addition, please take a quick peek at the word counts the next time you submit a story. We’ve normalized our categories with the SWFA word counts. In brief, this means we’re no longer accepting stories over 7500 words as they fall in the novella range. We’ve done this to make sure that all our weekly episodes continue to be eligible in various industry awards under the flash and short story categories. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

As always, thanks for listening!

Delayed Episode

The house-moving gremlins have hidden my microphone, and this week’s episode will be posted just as soon as I can brave the Cardboard Fortress for its safe return.

Thanks everyone!