Marguerite Kenner – Editor and HostMarguerite Kenner

Marguerite is a native Californian who has forsaken sunny paradise to live with her true love in Merrye Olde England. She frequently wears so many hats that she needs two heads. When she’s not grappling with legal conundrums as a commercial solicitor, editing Cast of Wonders, or helping behind the scenes as COO of Escape Artists, she can be found narrating audio fiction, studying popular culture (i.e. going to movies and playing video games) with her partner Alasdair Stuart, or curling up with a really good book. You can follow her adventures on Twitter.


Dani DalyDani Daly  – Assistant Editor

Dani has been involved with Cast of Wonders in various roles since it’s inception in 2011. She narrates stories, reads slush, is the community manager at our forums and now is overwhelmingly proud to take on the role of co-assistant editor.
Fiction, especially fantasy, science fiction and weird stories, has been important in her life since she was a child. So while she works with numbers all day to keep the lights on at home, it’s always been words and reading that kept the light on in her heart and mind. Down time is infrequent, but often accompanied by either a book in hand (with at least one her her two cats on the lap) or an audiobook or fiction podcast streaming through her headphones. On a break from a recreational roller derby team, she loves to roller skate, along with writing fiction of her own, playing video games, gardening, looking for audiobook projects to record through ACX, and the occasional Netflix binge, Dani keeps herself very busy.
She lives on Long Island, NY, with her husband and cats, has a blog that is infrequently updated at and you can find her on Twitter.

Katherine Inskip – Assistant EditorKatherine Inskip

Katherine teaches astrophysics for a living and spends her (infrequent) spare time populating the universe with worlds of her own. She is a mother to two boys, and enjoys chaos, water-fights, tree-climbing, and thwarting plans for world domination.  Katherine is addicted to chocolate and Japanese logic puzzles, narrates for a variety of podcasts, and wishes she’d started slush reading decades ago.  Her head is too large for most hats. Follow her on Twitter.

Amy Brennan – Associate Editor

Amy is  a huge fan of all manner of fiction and non fiction writing, music, art, basically anything  even mildly creative. A geologist by training, holding a masters in Geoscience from Keele Unversity she used to make mud pies for a living. It is a job that is both enjoyably challenging and at times mind-numbingly repetitive. She devoured audiobooks at a rate of knots to get her through the day – until she discovered podcasts and hasn’t looked back since.  She lives in Cambridgeshire with her partner, and three floofs of the cat and rabbit type. She occasionally blogs, and you can follow her on Twitter.


Alexis Goble – Associate Editoralexis-goble

Alexis is a fun-size jeweler and engraver in the Song of the Vine, Queen of the West, on the banks of the Beautiful River (Cincinnati for laymen.) She spends her free time reading All The Things, baking, obsessively cleaning, and working on an endless cycle of crafts. Follow her on Twitter.


Jeremy CarterJeremy Carter – Audio Producer

Jeremy has produced audio for the Dunesteef Audio Fiction magazine, Far Fetched Fables, the Journey Into podcast and StarshipSofa in addition to Cast of Wonders. By day, he teaches physics and maths in the beautiful Peak District. He is a husband, father, photographer, cook and very occasional runner. Follow him on Twitter.


Aakin Patel – Associate Editor

Aakin defends against hackers by day, and hacks against defenders by night. In his spare time, he games, runs a makerspace, and reads entirely way too much.




Susie Rodriguez – Associate Editor

Susie is an amateur everything in that she does not get paid for any of it. The homeschooling mother of a 19 year old comic nerd and a 6 year old hockey fan, she is a life long fan, aspiring novelist, writer of snarky filk and all around smart alec. She spends most of her time at the local ice rink plotting the program for local conventions, planning trips to Disneyland or trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies to unsuspecting passers-by. She holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley and her passions include old movies, new YA novels and cheeseburgers.

Motti Schleider – Associate Editor

Motti lives in the northeast, has a cat named Mr. Blake, loves gaming of all kinds, and is an avid reader.



Xander Simon – Associate Editor

Xander is a slush reader at Cast of Wonders and a sleepy high school senior who’s trying to be vegetarian but really just eats more mac and cheese than is healthy. When they’re not working at an Indian restaurant, they’re probably trying not to cry at dog videos, napping, or putting on makeup just to take selfies. Born in Southern California, they were whisked across the country to New York, where the snow is three feet higher than it should be at any given time. This fall, they are planning on attending Sarah Lawrence College, and could not be more thrilled.


Chris Tang – Associate Editor

Chris is a Cast of Wonders slush reader and is appreciative that the role gives him an excuse to read more. He has loved speculative fiction since childhood and spends as much time in other worlds as possible. Chris is a recovering lawyer who now works helping distribute role-playing games to the masses for his day job. In his spare time when not parenting he engages in too many hobbies such as playing music, reading, painting, listening to fiction podcasts, table-top role-playing, listening to audio books, writing, and running a post-apocalyptic wild west boffer larp with his wife and some friends. Chris stays busy and lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, son, and two of the worst roommates ever who happen to be cats. Follow him on Twitter.


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