• Authors: R. K. Duncan, Nicholas Ian Hawkins, Ryan Schapals
• Narrators: Katherine Inskip, Jeremy Carter, Pete Milan, Stephen J. Carrington
• Guest Hosts: Rachael K. Jones, Tina Connolly
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
• “The Best Busker In The World” is a Cast of Wonders original!
• “The Weald Maiden’s Will” was originally published in The Best of Every Day Fiction (November 2008)
• “The Sherd” is a Cast of Wonders original!
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Show Notes

R.K. Duncan is a lifelong Philadelphian. 26 years old, he went to Haverford College with a double major in Philosophy and Linguistics. He listens to a lot of folk music and had a story published recently in the anthology “No Sh!t, There I Was – An Anthology of Improbable Tales”. Follow him online or on Twitter.

Katherine Inskip, assistant editor of Cast of Wonders, teaches astrophysics for a living and spends her spare time populating the universe with worlds of her own. She is addicted to chocolate and Japanese logic puzzles. Follow her online or on Twitter.





In addition to being audio producer for Cast of Wonders, Jeremy Carter has produced audio for the Dunesteef Audio Fiction magazine, Far Fetched Fables, the Journey Into podcast and StarshipSofa. By day, he teaches physics and maths in the beautiful Peak District. He is a husband, father, photographer, cook and very occasional runner. Follow him on Twitter.





Nicholas Ian Hawkins is an always-reader and sometimes-writer of fantasy fiction. His short works have appeared in The Best of Every Day Fiction, Return of the Sword, Magic + Mechanica, New Realm, and FLASHSHOT. He works as writer, editor, and photographer for a major Midwestern university. Follow him online.




Pete Milan is a writer and voice actor. He has recorded several audiobooks and has worked extensively with Pendant Productions on their audio dramas. For more information, visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

Ryan Schapals is a storyteller based in Los Angeles, who grew up in Chicago. He loves rolling dice to determine terrible fictional choices. At Hyper RPG he turns tabletop roleplaying games into performance-based experiences on Twitch. Tune in at twitch.tv/hyperrpg. Right now he’s building the world of Amaurea’s Dawn with Open Legend RPG, which will be out this summer 2017. Check out the latest updates and join the Open Legend community at openlegendrpg.com. Follow him online or on Twitter.




Stephen J. Carrington is a performer; a narrator; a dreamer. He leads an escapist’s life, earning a suspect coin by assuming others’ identities (until the director calls cut, that is). Through narration and voice-over, Stephen has brought characters to life in video-games and animated web-series. He believes in storytelling… and short stories… and podcasts. He is found on Twitter as @CarringtonTV.





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