Episode 184: Wine for Witches, Milk for Saints by Rachael K. Jones

Narrated by Kevin M. Hayes
Audio production by Jeremy Carter
Originally published in Intergalactic Medicine Show (November 2014)

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Rachael K. JonesWe ran Rachael K. Jones‘ full bio last week when she narrated Hat Trick by Beth Cato. So this week, let us tell you about some of her own work.

For example, we ran Rachael’s excellent Makeisha in Time as Episode 176. The story was originally published by the sadly soon-to-shutter Crossed Genres magazine, and then again on PodCastle narrated by the excellent K. Tempest Bradford.

But did you know Makeisha in Time was also one of the Top 100 podcast episodes featured on NPR’s new earbud.fm? Or made the John Joseph Adams Notable list for 2015?

This is Rachael’s second year of professional publication, so her final year of eligibility for the Campbell Award. Please consider her when you’re making your best-of posts this year.

Kevin M. Hayes Wine for Witches, Milk for Saints is narrated by Kevin M. Hayes. Kevin has been reading science fiction since he was old enough to read, and has been writing it for almost as long. He is active in the Pittsburgh SFF organization, Parsec and helps put on Confluence, a genre fiction conference every year. He has had stories published in Six from Parsec and Triangulation as well as TV Gods and most recently in The Realm Beyond. He has narrated other stories for Pseudopod and, amazingly, has also published a few limericks. He lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with the love of his life, some of her children and all of her cats.


Theme music is “Appeal to Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at MusicAlley.com.

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