Episode 162: Sister Winter by Jenni Moody

Narrated by Melissa Bugaj
Originally appeared in The Colored Lens, Issue 12, Summer 2014

Listen above or download here.

Show Notes

Jenni Moody is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and of the Clarion West Writers Workshop. Her stories have been published in Booth, Gingerbread House, and Mason’s Road. She’s lived in a dry cabin in Alaska and a small town in Japan, and was once chased by a family of bears through the Yukon at midnight. She collects stamps (inked, not licked) and writes in Huntsville, Alabama. Her flash fiction story How to Break Up with Your Zombie Boyfriend will be published in an upcoming issue of Strangelet. There are a couple of places you can find out more about Jenni’s work: her website, her Twitter feed, and her Pinterest board, where she posts story ideas.

Your narrator for the story is Melissa Bugaj. You may remember her from Episode 124 last year, Old People Rules. Melissa is the proud mom of a nine-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl. She is a special educator in her sixteenth year of teaching. Mel has taught all grade levels from preschool to grade five in both general and special education. This past year, however, she left the world of elementary school to teach Special Education in a High School Conceptual Physics and Chemistry class. She survived her first year of being the shortest person in the classroom and was enthusiastic to get back to teaching velocity, gravity and atoms for the 2014-2015 school year. In her “free time,” she co-produces an excellent children’s story podcast with her techie husband called Night Light Stories and writes a blog about the silly antics of her family called According To Mags.

Theme music is “Appeal to Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at MusicAlley.com.

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