Episode 136: Flotsam by Rebecca Schwarz

Narrated by Jeff Hite

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Show Notes

Our story this week is Flotsam by Rebecca Schwarz. Rebecca comes to us from Austin Texas where she’s and active member of the Slugtribe Writers’ Group and the Codex Online Writers’ Group. She has attended writers workshops with Paolo Bacigalupi, Cat Rambo and Alex Shvartsman. Her Work has appeared in Interzone, Bourbon Penn, and Daily Science Fiction and Flagship Magazine. You can find out more about Rebecca at her website, and you can follow her on Twitter.

Your narrator this week is Jeffrey Hite. Jeff is the head Slush Pile Wrangler here at Cast Of Wonders. He is also a writer from Western New York, and if you have heard his voice before it is probably from another great fiction magazine, Flagship Magazine, where you might have also heard this story. You can learn more about him at his website and you can follow him on Twitter.

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at MusicAlley.com.

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