Episode 128: Robots Don’t Cry by George Edwards

Narrated by Pete Milan

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Show Notes

This week we present Robots Don’t Cry by George Edwards.

George owns a smartphone repair shop in Tipton, Indiana and says he earns working capital by writing papers for college students. He’s an anarcho-capitalist in the tradition of economist Murray Rothbard, who’s known for playing a key role in developing the underpinnings of modern libertarianism. George’s influences include Orwell, Rand and Huxley. He’s also a former political blogger, but decided that illustrating tyranny through fiction is more his style. You can find George on Facebook.

Your narrator is Pete Milan, whom you may remember from Episode 108, The Cardinals of Ever-June, which ran last year.

Pete is a writer, narrator, audio drama producer and voice actor, among other things. He has appeared on both Pseudopod and Escape Pod, as wells as previously here at Cast of Wonders. He also appears regularly in several audio drama podcasts from Pendant Audio, as well as their new prestige production, Phantom Canyon, available from iTunes, Audible and Amazon. While you’re there, look for the audiobooks he’s narrated, including Hugh Monn: Private Detective and Sentinels: When Strikes The Warlord.

At the moment, he’s writing a novel with four other people, which he does not recommend doing. At all. For more information, visit him at his website.

Theme music is “Appeal To Heavens” by Alexye Nov, available at MusicAlley.com.

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