Episode 109: Nuclear Family by Alex Shvartsman

Read by Big Anklevich

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Show Notes

Today we present Alex Shvartsman’s story, Nuclear Family. Alex has been here several times before — welcome back Alex! Thanks for gracing us with an inventive seasonal story.

Alex Shvartsman is a writer, editor, and game designer from Brooklyn, NY. Over 50 of his short stories appeared in such venues as Intergalactic Medicine Show, Nature, Daily Science Fiction and Galaxy’s Edge. He is the editor of Unidentified Funny Objects anthology series of humorous science fiction and fantasy.

You can find him online at www.alexshvartsman.com or on Twitter as @AShvartsman.

His latest anthology, Coffee: 14 Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic was released earlier this month. Check it out at www.ufopub.com

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